Signs Your Loved One Needs Treatment From A Wilmington, DE, Alcohol Rehab Center

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Rehabilitation

Alcohol is commonly available, and it is even socially acceptable or encouraged in many types of interactions. The availability of alcohol, as well as the general acceptance of consumption, sometimes makes it difficult to tell if a relative, friend, or family member has an alcohol abuse problem, particularly if they are taking pains to hide how much or how often they are drinking.

One of the most common questions that workers at an alcohol rehab center hear on a daily basis is about how to tell if someone is abusing alcohol. Calling into Pace Inc provides resources, helping family and friends to determine if alcohol abuse is an issue.

When calling into an alcohol rehab center in the Wilmington, DE, area, or when checking their website, be open to the information provided and consider the behaviors of the person to determine if there is a potential concern.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

The signs of alcohol abuse vary from person to person, but they do tend to form a pattern. Once family members are aware of the signs, they can easily see the behaviors as indicative of an addiction.

The common signs of alcoholism or alcohol abuse include:

  • Memory loss or blackouts from drinking (which may be denied)
  • Denying or lying about the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Drinking during the day, while at work, or instead of doing necessary tasks
  • Becoming defensive if others bring up drinking or behaviors while drinking
  • Drinking in secret
  • Drinking daily
  • Making excuses for drinking
  • Being drunk at events and making excuses or rationalizing the behavior
  • Health decline, weight changes, mood changes

It is never too soon to start talking to someone about alcohol abuse. If you need help, talk to the staff at an alcohol addiction recovery center, they can usually provide exceptional resources to help you prepare for a potentially difficult conversation.

At Pace Inc, in Willmington, DE, we offer an outpatient alcohol rehab center to help people to overcome alcohol abuse. To learn more about our programs and services, see us online at website

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