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Stop Living in Pain from Your Planter Fasciitis by Consulting a Podiatrist

Planter Fasciitis is a painful condition located in the feet and often in the heels of the person suffering for the medical condition. It is caused by an inflammation in the area of people’s feet that support the structure of the foot. This condition is often found in athletes who put a lot of pressure on the Achilles tendons and their heels by jumping and running. It is most common in individuals between 40-60 years old. Excessive weight, standing on your feet for long periods, and flat feet can contribute to a person suffering from planter fasciitis in Chicago. If you believe that you suffer from this medical problem or have issues with your feet consider consulting a specialist whose area of expertise is the foot, ankle, and lower leg care.

Before Meeting with a Podiatrist Make a List

  *  Write out a detailed description of any symptoms you may be feeling and how this problem is affecting your life.
  *  Keep track of how often you experience this problem is it daily or every so often that you feel pain in your foot? Is it a minor discomfort that you feel or severe enough it prevents you from walking or standing?
  *  Make a list of any medical conditions that you have had and any medical information you have on your parents or siblings.
  *  Include a list of any dietary or medication that you are taking. This is important for the doctor to know so they do not prescribe you any medicine that will react badly with your current medication.
  *  Prepare any questions you may have for the doctor? Such as how often do they treat patients with your problem and what solutions do they use to correct the problem.

Do Not Ignore the Pain and Stiffness that You Feel

It is important that if you suffer from symptoms of planter fasciitis you do not neglect to receive care. When you continue to ignore the problem it can result in a ligament being torn that will require surgery to repair. A specialist can diagnosis your condition and provide you with ways to treat the issue. It can be as simple as wearing an arch support in your shoes. They can also teach you exercise and other techniques that will help loosen this tissue to relieve you of the stiffness and pain that you are feeling.

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