Three Services to Expect When Choosing Dog Sitting in Omaha NE at a Pet Resort

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Veterinarian

While going on vacation is exciting and something that the entire family looks forward to, it can be difficult to leave behind the four-legged, furry family members. Choosing a pet resort to provide dog sitting services can go a long way in setting pet owners’ minds at ease. Three services to expect when choosing Dog Sitting in Omaha NE at a pet resort are exercise time, meal provision, and medication administration.

Exercise Time

One service to expect from dog sitting at a pet resort is exercise time. Most dog owners work hard to ensure that their dog gets enough outdoor time and exercise throughout the day. When they go away, it is common for them to worry that their dog’s exercise need is not being met as it would be at home. The caring workers at a pet resort recognize and understand the importance of exercise and outdoor time for a dog and make it a priority to see that each dog boarder gets what they need.

Meal Provision

Meal provision is another service to expect from dog sitting at a pet resort. Some dog owners feed their dogs a common, basic dry food on a once or twice daily basis, while others choose a more specialized dry food or prefer to supplement the dry food with wet food, superfood powder, or raw food. No matter the feeding requirements, a pet resort will follow the instructions left by the owner to make sure the dog boarder is being fed as they would be at home.

Medication Administration

The third service to expect from dog sitting at a pet resort is medication administration. There are a variety of medications that a dog may be taking, such as anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory medicine. A dog owner may worry that if they go out of town, their dog will have to do without their medication for a period of time. However, dog owners can rest assured that a pet resort will give medications as needed.

Cottonwood Pet Resort can provide Dog Sitting in Omaha NE. Their caring professionals make sure each dog boarder receives plenty of exercise time, meal provision, and medication administration as needed. Also included for each boarder are bedding and social time, and the facility is climate-controlled. Pet owners are encouraged to bring toys and other personal items from home to make their pet’s stay more enjoyable.

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