Three Signs You Could be a Great Candidate for LASIK in Jacksonville

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Alternative Drugs

Wearing glasses or contacts can make it easier to see clearly, but they can also be inconvenient. Locating your glasses, dealing with dry eyes, and remembering to take out contacts can all take up valuable time and interrupt your daily life. Laser eye surgery can help, but it’s not a decision you should make without extensive research. Here are some signs you could benefit from LASIK in Jacksonville.

You’re Healthy

Your current health may impact your ability to heal after the procedure, so could be asked questions about any possible health conditions. It’s not a bad idea to check in with your primary physician, too. If you have no conditions that LASIK could make worse, you’re likely a good candidate.

Your Prescription has Remained Consistent

If your eyesight hasn’t changed much in the last six months or so, there’s a good chance you could benefit from laser eye surgery. If your eye prescriptions change regularly, it’s a good idea to wait until your eyesight is more stable, otherwise you could see changes in eyesight even after LASIK.

It Fits Your Budget

Medical procedures can get expensive, especially without insurance, so it’s important to figure out whether or not your insurance will cover LASIK. Keep in mind that the recovery period may impact your lifestyle, so make sure you can take some time off of work to properly heal. It’s also important to understand any potential risks or side effects.

If you’re ready to learn more about LASIK in Jacksonville, check out Maida Custom Vision at to get started today.

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