Tips for Finding the Top Dermatologists

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Healthcare

Not all dermatologists are created equal. Some take an interest in their patient’s lives and treat each one well, while others seem to be more interested in seeing as many patients during the course of the day as they possibly can.

When you trying to pick the top San Antonio dermatologists, you should know that some provide general skin care advice, while others specialize in cosmetic procedures and treatments. Sometimes the two overlap. General skin care indicates the doctor deals with common skin ailments such as rashes and acne. Many people start off with general doctor and if the problem seems to be too big for them, they will be sent to a more specialize doctor.

There’s also cosmetic dermatologists who deal with things that don’t pose an immediate threat to your physical health such as wrinkles, scar removal, and age spots. The top dermatologist in cosmetic treatments will be very proficient with the use of lasers, injections, laser treatments, and chemical peels. They will know how each of these techniques can improve the appearance of your skin.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the staff before you book an actual appointment. The top dermatologist will have a great bio that includes experience and training, and they will also have several very positive reviews written by previous and current patients.

Once you have booked your appointment with the top dermatologist, you need to go into it with an open mind. Yes, you want to have your ailment cleared up, but you also want to make sure you’re being treated by a person who treats you with respect. Pay careful attention to what they say and what you say. When you go for the consultation, you shouldn’t get the impression that they’re not listening to what you have to say with regards to your medical condition. Even worse, you shouldn’t get the impression they haven’t even bothered to look at your medical file. For example, if your family doctor has had you on medication to treat the condition and not gotten any results, the dermatologist shouldn’t prescribe the exact same medication all over again. Doing so indicates they aren’t listening to you, and they haven’t taken the time to learn the details of your condition.

Prior to your appointment, you should have taken some time and made a list of questions. These should be questions about your condition, what caused it, the best possible treatments, what you should expect from the treatments, and if you will be prone to a return of the same situation in the future. Top San Antonio dermatologists like patients who ask questions and will never get short tempered or impatient. Most importantly, they will answer each question to the best of their ability.

At Limmer Dermatology dermatologists take a team approach to the treatment of our patients. This gives our clients the expertise and experience of all our medical professionals and healthcare staff, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the many services and procedures in which we specialize.

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