Unified Treatment Plans for Low Back Pain in Florissant MO

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Chiropractic

A large fraction of Americans are stricken with back pain. The intensity of pain can be crippling. Medication alone only provides temporary relief and most don’t want surgery to be a final available option. Chiropractic medicine offers an integrated line of treatment for Low Back Pain in Florissant MO. The anatomy of the back is very intricate. Treating back pain is not a one-size-fits-all action. The problem affects everyone differently. Locating the source of pain is the best way to find the right form of treatment. Here are therapeutic procedures that knock out back problems for a life without pain.

Spinal decompression relieves back, leg and arm pain. It’s a manual procedure that gently stretches the spine to release pressure off the discs and vertebrae. It most effectively treats bulging and herniated discs. Intersegmental traction therapy restores motility in the vertebral column and flexibility in ligaments and muscles. This part of the back anatomy is segmented. Disorders in the segmented parts can cause tightness and cramping in the muscles. The spinal column is stretched to increase blood flow and oxygenation to ligaments, muscles and discs. Traction therapy can help those who have muscle spasms as a symptom of pain. Massage therapy is the classic way to relax muscles and relieve tenderness in joints and connective tissue. It’s still a highly effective way to relief back pain. The actual procedure is relaxing for the mind and body. These are non-invasive ways to manage pain that has a positive impact on overall wellness.

Low Back Pain in Florissant MO can be mitigated with exercise. Exercise can revitalize the back in areas where strength is declining. Doctors and physical therapists have disciplined exercise routines for improving vitality in targeted areas of the body. They do this by learning how pain is physically affecting their patients. Patients should not start their own exercise routine without it being approved by their doctor. Physical activity without systematic techniques in place has proven to have injurious effects. Hence, exercise can actually cause further harm to a back condition without a disciplined routine. Click Here to learn more.

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