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Want Help and Not Judgement?

It’s obvious to note that drug addiction can ruin lives. The person who is going through the addiction is just as unhappy and distressed as their loved ones worrying about it. Addiction is expensive. Besides these obvious reasons, those who go through addiction will have an immense difficulty affordable all the medical costs that can occur. The best way to avoid them is to get the right help.

Bright side clinic can do just that with a qualified team of specialist, many of whom are licensed to subscribe the most needed element to fight opiod addiction, Suboxone.

The Doctor In Charge

Suboxone Doctors Northbrook IL has a multitude of professionals to choose from. Trusting Dr. David J. Kushner D.O to treat your addiction is a wise choice for those who wish to kick it completely.

Dr. Kushner is well known in the community for his cutting edge, encompassing and patient centered approach which achieves the best results out of all the Suboxone Doctors Northbrook IL. He received his medical Degree in 1990 from Midwestern University. He has completed an internal medicine residency as well as becoming certified in addiction medicine.

Quality Therapists

Those with substance abuse disorders need to talk about the issue in a safe and nonjudgmental space. Lisa Benedetto and Shari Kalik-Miller are the staff directors over therapy and have many years of experience. Both create a welcoming, supportive environment which help patients develop coping skills as well as insight into the issue.

Trust Bright Side Clinic To Help You Get Back On Track

People suffering from substance abuse disorders need help, not judgement. They will receive all the care they’ll need from Bright Side Clinic. Is it time to call? Reach them at 224-205-7866. Bright Side Clinic can help you right away! Getting help is no thing to hold off.