What Are the Advantages of High-performance Liquid Chromatography?

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Biotechnology Company

Those who work in a research lab or attend a university to become a technician have likely used high-performance liquid chromatography. In fact, many industries utilise these methods, including pharmaceuticals, forensics, and various medical applications.

These machines offer many advantages to each individual industry, though there are common benefits across all applications. Let’s learn about them now.

Helpful in Many Industries

Several industries can benefit from high-performance liquid chromatography. These include:

  • The pharmaceutical industry uses it to analyse the contents of various medicine mixtures, especially for things like ibuprofen.
  • The medicine industry used chromatography for many years, but HPLC makes it more efficient to analyse various factors. For example, it can identify plasma levels or even diagnose Parkinson’s and heart disease.
  • The forensics industry has adopted HPLC methods for various reasons. For example, it can analyse explosives, toxicology, ink, gunshot residue, and more.

Faster Than Other Methods

One of the main advantages of high-performance liquid chromatography is that it’s faster to do than other chromatography methods. It uses pumps to move the samples instead of pouring liquid on them. Because of these pumps, the process of testing substances is much smoother and faster, but it’s still highly accurate!

More Efficient Than Other Methods

Though it’s difficult to set up and calibrate the HPLC if you’re inexperienced, it’s quite easy to use once it meets your specifications. In fact, when the setup is finished, the HPLC machine does most of the work, so there’s little training involved in operating one.

Most of the processes are automated, so technicians can focus on analysing and taking notes while the machine separates compounds.

Where to Get HPLC Machines

Overall, high-performance liquid chromatography is the most common method of separating components within medicine, forensics, and the pharmaceutical industries. These machines are versatile and make things easier. Trinity Biotech offers such machines and software. Learn more about it today!

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