What Takes Place During Biofeedback?

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Psychologist

Biofeedback is a therapy type that helps improve physical and mental health. The process is done by a qualified practitioner that uses painless sensors to measure specific body functions. During the session, you see the results on a screen. Then you can try to change the result with the help of the machine. After the session, you can now practice how to make the necessary adjustments without the machine.

The process

In Manhattan a practitioner starts the biofeedback session, they place painless signals on your skin. The sensors are responsible for measuring physiological signals from your body. The signals include:

• Muscle activity
• Heart rate
• sweat
• Breathing
• Electrical brain activity
• Muscle movement and tension
• Skin temperature.

During a biofeedback session in Manhattan, a screen displays the results, which the professional explains. After explaining, they suggest strategies to change how your body functions. Some of the suggestions the practitioner might give you include:

• Changing your body posture while sitting, moving, or standing to help ease muscle tension
• Change your breathing patterns to help calm anxiety
• Relax your muscles to relieve pain
• Mind things you think about and focus on to help control breathing and heart rate.
• Do a test like a riddle to see how stress affects your body’s response.

You can see the results on the screen in real-time when you try all this. However, with enough practice, you can control your body functions without a machine or the help of a professional.

What disorders can biofeedback treat?

Biofeedback can help treat problems such as:

• Insomnia
• Depression, anxiety, and PTSD
• Breathing disorders such as asthma
• Attention deficit disorders

This therapy can also help with diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and substance use disorders.

Sometimes medicine does not solve all health issues, and people look for ways to improve their health and wellness. However, you can opt for biofeedback therapy, a risk-free way to control your physical and mental wellness.

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