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What to Expect Before, During and After Bariatric Surgery

Choosing weight loss surgery is a major decision that requires a lot of education beforehand to ensure you’re making the right decision. This type of surgery not only affects you in the present, but your entire future. Before choosing bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, to lose weight, you should understand the complete procedure, including what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Before Surgery

Once you’ve made the important decision to choose weight loss surgery, you should work closely with your physician and follow all of their instructions carefully. Your physician will put you on a specialized diet you must follow, which will be tailored to fit your unique needs. These diets usually consist of low calories and high protein about two to three weeks before your bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM. Your doctor will also tell you which types of foods to avoid, such as fatty and fried foods, soda and more.

During Surgery

The day of your bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, you won’t eat anything, but will only drink a Gatorade about two hours before your pre-op time. Since there are certain medications you can’t take, you should speak to a medical professional beforehand. The amount of time you’re in the operating room will depend on the type of surgery you receive, with some surgeries taking as little as an hour.

After Surgery

About an hour after you leave recovery, you will be prompted to get up and begin moving to prevent blood clots, promote healthy blood circulation and increase oxygen to speed up the healing process. You will also be instructed to breathe deeply and cough to help hasten recovery. You should keep all follow-up appointments with your physician and immediately report if you have any side effects like a high fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and more.
For more information about bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center website .