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Why You Should Consider Bariatric Surgery in Roswell, NM

Bariatric surgery is a collective of various procedures that help you lose weight. It works by reducing how much food your stomach can hold. This is done by shrinking the size of the stomach. The most common outcome for bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, is dramatic weight loss. However, the surgery also reduces or reverses weight-related health problems. You may be wondering why you should consider bariatric surgery in the first place. Read below to find out the answers you seek.

You’ll Finally Lose Weight

Your total weight loss after having bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, will vary depending on several factors. You can expect to lose an average of 66 to 80 percent of your excess body weight between 18 and 24 months after surgery. You can even lose more weight if you diet and exercise regularly. However, you need to accept bariatric surgery isn’t going to be an overnight weight loss miracle. Weight loss occurs gradually because the size of your stomach shrinks so you start eating less food.

You’ll Have Improved Health

If you are overweight and suffer health problems, you should consider having bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM. If you are obese, you’re twice as likely to die an early death compared to someone who has an average body weight. Bariatric surgery reduces health risks, such as diabetes type 2 and heart disease, as long as you remain committed to an active diet and exercise plan.

If you’re ready to have bariatric surgery in Roswell, NM, contact Memorial Weight Loss Center today!