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Winter Park, FL, can Begin the Next Chapter for You or Your Loved One

You or a loved one can experience senior living at its best with family care services in Winter Park FL. Most everyone here has felt a similar hesitance to start over, but they have found new friends and a new purpose in this retirement community.

Activities for Residents

Many of the residents who live here have never had such an array of activities in which to be involved. No matter your personality, there is something to pique your interest and put you on track for new experiences and new possibilities.

Gardening, art and wine tasting are a few of the activities that many of the residents enjoy. Gardening and art can be done alone if you prefer more of a solitary lifestyle. Getting together for the wine tastings is a wonderful way to mingle and get involved socially without leaving the property.

Your Wellness Tops the List

The community focuses on your well-being. That goal means you will have the opportunity to eat and cook nutritious meals that are tasty and appropriate for your individual health needs. Mental health is just as important as your physical health. The community believes that feeding your soul is necessary for a completely healthy person.

Massages and meditation can be included in your wellness program as you and your physician wish. Enjoy the healing lights and spa pool as part of your new road to overall health. The relaxation lounge and halotherapy room are also methods of energizing and rejuvenation that might appeal to your senses.

Family care services in Winter Park FL can be there when you need them, but you are free to live as independently as you wish. As you need more care, assistance is available, as is memory care and respite care.