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5 Reasons to Use Compounding Pharmacy Services

Running a long-term care facility can be challenging, and you need to stay on top of a lot of details. One of the many options you can consider is compounding pharmacy services. Read on for a few important details you need to know before you pick one:

A good fit

For long-term facilities, compounding pharmacy services is ideal for responding to patient needs on a small scale, Consumer Reports says. That’s why it’s a popular option for small to mid-size LTC facilities.

Reduce shortage

A shortage of drugs or medication can be disastrous for the residents of your facility. That’s why partnering with a pharmacy that won’t have any problems delivering the drugs and medications your residents need is a must.

Access to discontinued medication

When large drug manufacturers stop production of certain drugs, that’s going to make it difficult for patients to fill their prescriptions. Compounding pharmacies do away with that problem, though, by providing access to discontinued medications. They make this possible by recreating pharmaceutical-based ingredients, allowing patients to get the drugs they need.

Easy-to-use medication

Compounding pharmacies make it easier for patients to take medication. Keep in mind that many of these drugs will have an unpleasant flavor or taste. A compounding pharmacist, though, can make the prescription and make it taste something that your patients will have an easy time ingesting. That’s one less problem for LTC facilities, residents and families.

Different forms of medication

It’s not always easy for patients to take in medication in the same form. For instance, patients who have trouble swallowing may need to take their medication in liquid form. Compounding pharmacists have no problems providing patients with different options so they can get the medication they need in a dosage form that works better for them.

These are just a few of the reasons why using the services of a compounding pharmacy is a sound decision for your long-term care facility.