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A Doctor of Podiatry in Kenosha WI Helps Patients Resolve Gout Attacks and Prevent Future Episodes

A doctor of Podiatry in Kenosha WI is the natural practitioner to turn to when a big toe becomes swollen, inflamed, and causes excruciating pain. People who develop this problem commonly wonder if they somehow broke their big toe, but the most likely explanation is a case of gout. Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the body. This can be caused when the body produces too much of the substance or does not eliminate it effectively. The excess uric acid crystallizes into hard, needle-shaped deposits. For reasons that are not entirely clear, these crystals tend to settle in the big toe, where they cause terrible pain.

Patients receive anti-inflammatory medication from a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. This quickly reduces swelling and pain. The patient should feel remarkably better after taking this medicine. Corticosteroids also may be provided. Depending on the level of pain, the doctor may provide a short course of prescription pain medication. Visit the website for contact information.

Patients often can prevent another episode with dietary and lifestyle changes as recommended by the podiatrist. It’s important to prevent recurring gout episodes because this is a form of arthritis that can lead to joint damage. In addition, these crystals also can settle in the kidneys where they become kidney stones.

Men are more likely to develop gout than women are. That’s a risk factor that can’t be avoided, but some can successfully be addressed. For example, a doctor of Podiatry in Kenosha WI can provide patients with a list of foods to cut back on. Purines are associated with higher levels of uric acid production. These substances are mainly found in red meat and fatty fish, such as sardines, herring, and tuna. In addition, high intake of beer is definitively connected with gout attacks, and so are other alcoholic beverages to a lesser extent. The kidneys must eliminate alcohol from the body and, in the meantime, they are less able to eliminate excess uric acid. People who need to avoid a future gout attack should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, allowing the body to easily flush uric acid out.