Types of Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Health

When a person’s sensory system is impacted by disease or injury, the nerves within that system will not work to transmit sensations to the brain. This can result in a lack of sensation or numbness in the area. However, in some situations, when the system is injured, the person may begin to experience pain in the area. This neuropathic pain typically does not start all of the sudden or resolve quickly; instead, it is a chronic condition that results in persistent pain. This pain is different for everyone, but in most cases, people who suffer from it want to find Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL to provide relief.

Over the Counter Medications

There are some people, who are in the early stages of diabetic neuropathy, where the pain is not severe, that can find relief with the use of over-the-counter medicines. Some of the most common used include acetaminophen, a NSAID drug, such as Motrin, Aleve or Advil or a topical medication. These can be effective for minimal cases of pain and discomfort.

Prescription Medications

There are some people suffering from this pain who find that over-the-counter medications simply don’t work. At this point, they will likely reach out to their doctor for more effective Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL, such as prescription medications. There are a number of options available including anti-depressants, anti-seizure medication, and opioids or narcotics. These are only given under a doctor’s supervision since they can cause other issues if taken in excess. Browse here to know more.

Other Treatments

Based on the type of neuropathy a person suffers from and the symptoms they have, the doctor may be able to provide other treatment. There are some exercises and physical therapy treatments that can help alleviate the pain in the feet and ankles, but discussing this with a doctor is a must.

Additional information regarding Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL can be found by contacting the staff at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL. Taking some time to learn about treatment options will help alleviate the pain for good. Failure to do this will only result in more issues down the road and increased pain over time.

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