Advanced Procedures from Orthopedic Specialists in Stockbridge GA

by | May 24, 2019 | Doctor

Advances in technology and equipment have drastically improved procedures performed by Orthopedic Specialists in Stockbridge GA. Arthroscopic surgery, for example, reduces risks of infection, development of excessive scar tissue, and recovery time for many injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Plasma-rich platelet injections have helped reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness caused by arthritis, degenerative conditions, and nerve damage. Total joint replacements can be completed faster, more precisely, and with smaller incisions. Having the latest equipment, and utilizing cutting-edge technology, offers more options for treatments and procedures, makes major surgery easier for patients, and reduces the risks of complications.

Major and total joint revisions are procedures required when joint replacements fail. These are often more complicated than the original joint replacement surgery. Developments in technology, and advanced equipment have been used to better diagnose the reason for failure, plan procedures and treatments prior to surgery, and prepare for work that has to be completed once surgery has begun. If the artificial joint has become loose from the bone it was fitted to, for example, longer screws may be needed to anchor joint components. If bone loss is the reason, a bone graft may have to be conducted, or a replacement part designed to make up for the bone loss. Knowing the extent of the problem before beginning the surgery reduces risks of infection, and helps cut down recovery time. It also reduces the pain and swelling the patient will experience post- surgery, and during physical therapy.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as partial knee resurfacing or shoulder reconstruction, can help patients avoid fully invasive surgeries. Orthopedic Specialists in Stockbridge GA also have the capability and equipment to perform computer assisted surgery. That helps with accuracy, reduces risk of nerve damage, and speeds recovery. Affiliation with comprehensive rehabilitative services will also help speed recovery. Aquatic, occupational, physical, and massage therapies are available, as are work reconditioning and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. People with orthopedic problems or conditions can go to to learn more about orthopedic and rehabilitation services. Sports medicine and related procedures are also offered by a Board certified orthopedic surgeon with Fellowship training in sports medicine.

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