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Pain Management Physicians For Treating Advanced Stages Of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins is a medical disorder that causes veins to grow swollen, lengthy, and entangled. With the valves of the veins being twisted, it’s harder for blood to flow freely through them. Blood pools in the veins when the flow is constricted. When varicose veins are visible to the eye, they create lumps that sometimes develop a protrusion on the skin. Varicose veins are not life threatening but can be an agent of health problems and severe pain in the legs. There is susceptibility to ulcerations in the lower legs that can cause infection. Complications from varicose veins can be managed with early, corrective treatment.

The medical field has taken a big step forward in treatment for varicose veins. Targeted endovenous therapy is a non-invasive procedure that seals veins with radiofrequency energy. This treatment relieves pain by taking blood flow down a new path. Pain Management Physicians put a sheath over the vein to send a light transmitting laser fiber through it. When the light hits the varicose veins, they close up. Blood takes an alternate passageway to healthy, unobstructed veins. Since pain is associated with bulging veins and blood pooling, endovenous therapy is an effective antidote.

Veins that are too big to be treated in other ways can undergo microphlebectomy by Pain Management Physicians. The enlarged veins are removed through a tiny incision. General anesthesia is used. This procedure has a speedy healing process, and physicians advise patients to walk shortly after. Sclerotherapy removes spider and reticular veins of the mild to moderate variety. This is a less-severe type of vein disorder, but it can cause troubling pain and have an unsightly appearance. A substance that causes the vein to collapse is injected into the malfunctioning vein. When the veins react by collapsing, blood flow is rerouted to healthy veins. Each vein has its own unique shape and size, so some may only need one treatment, while others get a few. Veins treated that were in advanced stages of the condition may require the patient to wear compression stockings for a short period of time. Learn more at You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.