American Hearts: Signs You’d Make a Great Egg Donor for a Growing Family

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Health

You are thinking of visiting an egg donation agency to see about donating an egg. You aren’t sure if you are ready for this or if you are right for it. Do not fret, donating your egg is your decision, so you can always wait until you are ready, but the following are a few signs telling you that you are doing the right thing.

You Care

Some people really care about others. They feel for families who cannot have children. This empathy is a sign you should definitely visit egg donation agency to find out more information. Proper knowledge will help you further with this decision.

You Can Commit to This

Perhaps you know someone who is going through fertility issues, and now you feel you can do it. A good sign that you are ready to be a donor is if you’re willing to commit to the cause. You might not know this, but donating can take up to five months, and you need to be able to go through the entire process if you want to be successful.

Young and Healthy

A good donor is anywhere between 19 to 30, so you need to be young enough, and you need to be healthy. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle by eating a variety of good food should easily be able to donate. Those who are willing to exercise and don’t consume or use drugs of any sort may also be right for the part.

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