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An OBGYN in Norman, OK: Keeping You Healthy from Prenatal to the Geriatric Stages

Total wellness is a lifelong commitment. Eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, limiting your exposure to harmful substances, and getting adequate amounts of rest are all vital components of the process. Regardless of your personal dedication to overall health, it isn’t going to be enough. The value of outside intervention can’t be ignored.

Medical care from an OBGYN in Norman OK begins long before birth. Shortly after conception, the OBGYN begins checking on your well-being. Monthly heart rate monitoring and exams give way to twice-monthly visits and, eventually, weekly checkups to help ensure mom is as healthy as possible and providing you adequate nutrition. Periodic ultrasounds are designed to make sure you’re thriving and developing properly. Mom’s doctor even measures and presses on her abdomen to be sure you’re growing at the right rate and moving around as you should.

After birth, the pediatrician takes over, but everything he or she does is paving the way for your medical future as a female. Wellness checks, prescription medications, and immunizations keep illnesses at bay while the famous, and somewhat controversial, Gardasil vaccine helps protect you from certain forms of cervical cancer. Once the teenage years take hold, the OBGYN in Norman OK comes back into play.

Young ladies’ care begins with ministering to menstrual irregularities, maintaining reproductive health, providing periodic breast exams to check for potentially cancerous lumps, and maintaining reproductive health. Family planning is also part of the process. Your OBGYN is there to make sure you’re able to conceive when you’re ready but to help prevent such a development before the time is right for you.

As you age, a growing number of health concerns may arise. Some are prone to breast, uterine, and additional types of cancers whereas others face heightened risks of elevated blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and a full range of common issues. Hormone production begins to taper off, leading to the need for replacement therapies or further measures.

From the prenatal stage to the geriatric, an OBGYN helps maintain feminine health. You’ll do your part to be proactive in your own health, but some matters are out of your hands. Regardless of your age or how well you feel right now, schedule an appointment with an OBGYN to protect yourself from both the hidden and imminent dangers.