Becoming a Family With the Help of Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio, TX

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Health

Fertility problems are common issues many couples struggle within the United States. How they are managed will depend on the age of the patients involved, the cause of infertility, and the amount of money the couple can invest. Many infertility treatments are not fully covered by insurance, and this eliminates the options for some and is why doctors will often look for simple and non-invasive options first. Surgery is generally used only when a structural problem is preventing fertilization from occurring. It is something that both men and women may need.

Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio TX for men is usually performed to reverse a vasectomy, but this is not the only cause of infertility in men that is treatable by surgery. Varicoceles is a condition where enlarged veins are present and may reduce fertility. Having varicoceles does not necessarily mean infertility will be a concern. An estimated 15 percent of all adult men have this condition, and most do not suffer from fertility problems. However, the condition is to blame for approximately 40 percent of men with fertility issues.

Women have a much more extensive and complex reproductive system and suffer more often from infertility issues because of this fact. There are a number of surgeries that are used correct their fertility problems, but nearly half of all women with fertility problems suffer from a blockage of scar tissue caused by endometriosis. It is often recommended that women that are over 35 or those that have severe endometriosis consider IVF treatments. This may provide a faster and more affordable solution than having surgery, waiting through the recovery, and then continuing to wait to see if a pregnancy occurs. Of course, the patient is the one who will decide what option they prefer.

Reproductive surgery in San Antonio TX is not the first step, but it may be the one that makes it possible to finally become pregnant. The first step it to meet with a fertility specialist and determine the cause of infertility. A complete medical assessment is required before discussing any options. Click here to learn more about infertility treatments and to schedule an appointment.

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