Best Treatments for Stopping Teeth Grinding in Thousand Oaks Patients

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Healthcare

Teeth grinding is something that happens when a person is awake or asleep. For people who have this condition, also called bruxism, it’s important to seek out treatment to avoid long-term damage to teeth and the jaw. Below are solutions that medical professionals offers as treatment for teeth grinding in Thousand Oaks.
Mouth Guards

These devices can be worn at night or during the day. Although mouth guards can be purchased over-the-counter at pharmacies, it’s better to get a custom-fitted mouth guard. Customized guards fit better and do a better job treating teeth grinding.
Reductive Coronoplasty

This is a dental procedure that levels the teeth’s biting surface. It’s especially effective for people who’s teeth grinding is the result of crooked or crowded teeth. Sometimes, dental professionals might recommend building up the teeth, if necessary, as part of an additive coronoplasty.
Stress Reduction

For many people, seeking treatment for teeth grinding in Thousand Oaks involves stress reduction techniques. These individuals grind their teeth as the result of anxiety. It’s a behavioral response to stress that can be managed by incorporating stress-reduction activities into one’s life such as yoga, meditation, talk therapy, and exercise.

Tongue and jaw exercises are also very helpful. Certain exercises can relax the jaw muscles and improve alignment. People can do these exercises at home themselves, although some choose to work with a physical therapist when the teeth grinding is especially bad.

To learn more about how to treat teeth grinding, contact TMJ Sleep & Therapy Centre.

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