Best Ways to Relieve Arthritis Foot Pain

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Healthcare

Studies have shown that close to half of the seniors in their sixties and beyond suffer from some type of arthritis foot pain. In fact, the damage to your feet can start even sooner than that, often starting in the forties. Osteoarthritis lingers over time and is caused by wear and tear on the bones as you get older. Once arthritis starts to affect your feet, it becomes almost impossible to walk. After you have seen a pain specialist in Jacksonville to help manage your foot pain, you should read the article below for more tips to help relieve it as well.

Choose the Right Shoes
The type of shoes you choose to wear can help with the pain tremendously. It is best to avoid high heels and choose shoes that fit the right way. You want the shoes to be wide enough that they don’t press against any bunions or calluses on the feet and cause further pain as well. Make sure that the shoe is supportive and has the proper arch to support the foot.

Get a Foot Massage
Believe it or not, something as simple as a foot massage can help to relieve the pain in your feet quite a bit. Make sure that you knead the balls of the feet and the toes for maximum relief. This is something that you can do yourself or even ask your partner to help you with as well.

See Your Doctor
It is recommended that you see your doctor at least once a year when you have arthritis foot pain. In this way, he can monitor the pain in your feet and note any changes.

These are just a few tips for relieving foot pain. For more information on pain management of arthritis foot pain, contact the doctors at Riverside Pain Management today.

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