What If Your Pet Requires Veterinarian Care After Hours?

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Animal Health

The trouble with illness and accidents is they do not follow the clock; your pet can just as well get ill in the middle of the night as it can during the day.

Knowing this, finding an emergency vet South Loop is not as difficult as it once was. More and more vets and their staff are offering pet care at night, on weekends and holidays.

The one thing a concerned pet owner should not feel embarrassed about is calling. Animals have unique characteristics; it is not every pet owner that can decide if the symptom the animal is showing requires urgent care or whether the visit to the vet can wait. Vets are accustomed to getting emergency calls, chances are your vet will be available or you will be referred to another care provider.

How to deal with an emergency:

Always call your regular veterinarian clinic first. The duty vet may give you specific instructions over the phone so make sure you have pen and paper by your side when you call. If the vet cannot provide any assistance over the phone he or she will advise you to come to the clinic where drugs and equipment are available.

At the clinic:

If you are instructed to bring your pet to the emergency vet South Loop bear in mind it is not a pre-determined appointment, once you arrive you may have wait for the vet to attend to your pet. Just like any hospital, the staff will triage the patients; the vet will attend to the animals that are most in need of care first.

When you call give the clinic as much information about the problem as you can, this will help the staff ascertain what kind of an emergency they will be dealing with. When the emergency vet knows in advance what to expect; he or she can be prepared to give immediate help upon arrival.

It may be necessary for you to make critical decisions when your pet needs emergency care, do not be afraid to ask the vet what is happening and what is the recommended course of treatment?

Just like their masters, pets can get sick or injured after normal clinic hours as well. If you need an emergency vet South Loop you are welcome to take advantage of the extended hours provided by the Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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