Are You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery? Find Out With A BMI Calculator

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Health Care

Bariatric surgery has helped thousands of people to lose the excess weight that they were burdened with, thus enabling them to achieve a healthy, slim weight and have greatly improved physical and mental health. There are a wide variety of bariatric weight loss surgical procedures, each of which has its own characteristics. However, it is highly important to know which surgical procedure will work the best for your body type. This is why, when you are thinking about getting weight loss surgery, you first need to use a BMI calculator.

What Does A BMI Calculator Do?

A BMI calculator estimates your body mass index. Different people have different body mass indexes, based off of several factors. Your body mass index will depend not just on your weight but also on whether you are male or female and how tall you are. A BMI calculator gives you a fairly accurate depiction of your body mass index, which in turn leads to being able to make wiser and healthier choices for your personal weight loss journey.

The Importance Of Knowing Your BMI For Bariatric Surgery

Because the total body mass index fluctuates so much for people who are obese, there is no one surgical weight loss procedure that is right for everyone. Generally, specific bariatric surgeries are best for people with specific BMI ranges. For example, if you have a higher BMI and are a good candidate for weight loss surgery, then you will probably end up getting gastric bypass or lap band surgery. However, if you have a lower BMI, then a gastric sleeve surgery is most likely your best bet. The important thing to remember, though, is that knowing your BMI and getting bariatric surgery should be stepping stones to learning more about your body and how to live a healthier life.

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