Choosing The Right Medical Spas In Houston

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Plastic Surgeon

When most people think of a spa, they think of getting their hair and nails done, massages, and other things. While these are relaxing and helpful, medical spas in Houston offer more procedural options, including the administration of dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments. When selecting one, there are a variety of things to consider, including licensure and training, treatment options and more.


In Houston, dermal fillers and other treatments must be done by a licensed physician. While other states have different rules, Texas requires that lasers and chemicals be applied by a doctor, which means you should check the credentials of the spa you’re considering.


It’s also important to ensure that the treatment you seek is available from the spa in question. This may require you to do some research on what you want, but remember that medical spas in Houston can also offer advice on which procedures are best for what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Meet Them

Almost every spa you choose will provide you with a free consultation or skin analysis. You should use that time to decide if you like the facilities, staff, and doctor. This is a personal choice, and it may require you to visit a few places before finding the right one. However, it’s essential that you feel comfortable with the people and location before having any work done.

Consider asking them pertinent questions about the procedures to ensure they know what they’re doing and ask for references or before/after photos to get a better idea of how they operate. Just because you had an unfortunate experience in the past doesn’t mean you will this time.

Medical spas in Houston are an excellent way to receive a variety of treatments. At Bella Rosa MedSpa, we will guide you through the maze of aesthetic, non-surgical treatment options and help you develop a customized treatment plan.

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