Repair Your Drooping and Heavy Eyelids with Cosmetic Surgery

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon

When you have heavy and drooping eyelids, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon for a procedure to repair the problem. Hooded eyelids in Chicago can make it difficult for you to see while you are walking and driving, but with modern surgery, you can improve your range of vision. The excess skin from your brow line to your lash line is annoying, making it impossible to wear beautiful eye shadow products correctly. In addition, this condition can make other people think that you are extremely tired because your eyelids look droopy.

What Causes this Cosmetic Issue?

You may have been born with a tendency toward having hooded eyelids in Chicago, but in some cases, the condition occurs as part of the natural aging process. If you don’t want to have an older appearance, then you should visit a competent cosmetic surgeon for a repair. Anytime that someone is making incisions near your eyeballs, you will want to have an expert holding the scalpel. You will want to protect your vision in addition to having scars that are not noticeable.

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Having hooded eyelids in Chicago can lead to several health problems because you must strain to see a computer or television screen. This can lead to severe headaches each day along with causing additional problems on your face from the wrinkles that develop on your forehead and around your eyes. Visit a cosmetic surgeon for a complete examination with medical images to determine how soon you can have a procedure to correct your eyelids. The recovery from eye surgery requires following a surgeon’s advice, and it can require several weeks to feel better. Contact Adam J. Cohen M.D., at his website located at

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