Expectations Of Hospice Healthcare McDonough GA for the Patient and Family

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Health Care

When a loved one is sick, family members will go through great lengths to help them heal and to get better. However, sometimes families are given terrible news that their loved one has a terminal illness and there is nothing they can do about it. During this time, their doctor may recommend hospice care. There are many different facilities that provide such care. Sacred Journey Hospice is only one of the many in the area. Visit the website to learn more about them and the various services they offer. Below, is a closer look at hospice Healthcare McDonough GA and what families can expect during that time.

What Hospice Means

Hospice care does not mean that it will prolong a person’s life. However, it does mean that the person will live the remainder of their days living their life to the fullest. Hospice is also available for the family, to lend them comfort and support during a difficult time. Hospice care can be given at the patient’s home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or it can be at one of their own facilities. Patients are still given the medical attention they need to live out the remainder of their days as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Expectations During Hospice Care

There are many services to choose from when it comes to hospice care. It is best for the patient and the family to first determine what their goals are in terms of hospice care. The staff provides many different services to help their patients and families during a difficult time. Such services include medical and nursing services, family education, assistance with daily activities, spiritual and emotional support, grief counseling, various therapies and so much more. Hospice care isn’t just for the patient, but it is for the family members as well.

Hospice Healthcare McDonough GA offers families with different options when it comes to their care. Hospice does not mean that all hope is given up, but that the patient can live the remainder of their days comfortable, happy and surrounded by their loved ones. Hospice care lends the emotional and spiritual support so many seek during a difficult time such as a loved one’s death.

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