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3 Body Contouring Facts

In your lifetime, chances are high that you are going to experience weight gain, at least once. Whether it is due to a pregnancy or trauma, you can get back to your original weight with commitment. For those who lose an above average amount of weight, they may see some sagging skin on their body, afterwards. Professionals at Body Contouring Naperville, for example, can assess the situation and offer some recourse.

Here are three body contouring facts to consider.

Who is a Candidate?

Any time a person is in a situation where they may have to go through a surgical procedure, they are assessed. Many factors are taken into consideration including age, current health status and mental state. Body contouring candidates are individuals who do not smoke, have stabilized in their weight loss and are realistic about the potential outcomes. Surgery of any kind is a risk. Your medical professional wants the procedure to succeed. They also want you to be happy. Before offering body contouring as a solution, they want to ensure everything will turn out well.


Within the body contouring category, a few subcategories exist. If you have a lost a significant amount of weight, you may notice that your skin is only sagging in a few areas, not all over your body. Arm, breast and face lift are some options. Tummy tuck, lower body and medial thigh lifts are others. Your medical professional will listen to your concerns, and then, visually assess your body. Based on all information provided, he will put together a plan, and you can proceed from there.


Body contouring pricing will depend on variety of factors. Before you agree to the procedure, you will be given the figures.

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