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Common Conditions Requiring Neuropathy Treatment in Joliet IL

Peripheral neuropathy occurs in response to damage to the body’s peripheral nervous system -; whose purpose is to relay information from the central nervous system (CNS) to all other parts of the body. Neuropathy is a term meaning nerve damage or disease. Individuals diagnosed with neuropathy should seek Neuropathy Treatment in Joliet IL as early as possible.

Symptoms of neuropathy requiring Neuropathy Treatment in Joliet IL vary depending on whether autonomic, sensory, or motor system nerves are affected. Motor nerves involve muscles used when using the hands, walking, and even talking. The sensory nerves are responsible for relaying information regarding pain due to injuries like a cut or the sensation of touch. Autonomic nerve system is responsible for those organs whose activities are automatic such as breathing, heart beat, and digestion.

Damage to the motor nerves generally presents as muscle fatigue and weakness as well as muscle cramps, muscle twitching, muscle atrophy, and diminished reflex response. Damage to sensory nerves may have a wide range of symptoms such as impaired sense of touch and sensation occurring mostly in the feet and hands. Individuals may experience difficulty in when closing buttons on clothes, walking, or maintaining their balance. The inability to feel pain or temperature changes is common and can lead to infection due to the failure to sense an injury like a cut or sore.

Peripheral neuropathies commonly treated by medical professionals at facilities like Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL, occur as result of injury or disease or are inherited. Often the cause is never determined and is deemed “idiopathic” or of unknown origin. Physical trauma is the common cause of acquired peripheral neuropathy including falls, vehicle collisions, and sports-related injuries. These may result in the nerves being pinched, crushed, compressed, or completely or partially severed. Repetitive or awkward movement of the joints can also produce nerve damage of which a common form is carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist.

Neuropathy Treatment in Joliet IL first addresses contributing factors such as exposure to toxins, infection, vitamin or hormone deficiencies, or autoimmune disorders. Physical therapy may improve muscle strength, reduce cramping, and offset muscle wasting. Dietary changes can improve digestion problems and the timely treatment of injuries can prevent infections. Smoking cessation will significantly improve blood flow to the peripheral nerves which is important in supplying nutrients.

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