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Conservative Treatment Options for Severe Inflammatory Heel Pain

If you suffer from severe inflammatory heel pain, then you may be unable to perform your activities of daily living. Heel pain can be caused by various factors such as bone spurs, arthritis, obesity, and peripheral neuropathy. While some types of heel pain may require surgery, your physician may recommend that you try conservative treatment options for your severe inflammatory heel pain in Bolingbrook.


One of the most effective treatment options for severe inflammatory heel pain is NSAIDs therapy. Also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs help treat both inflammation and pain. Examples of NSAIDs include naproxen and ibuprofen, however, aspirin is also considered an NSAID.

While NSAIDs are generally well-tolerated, you may experience digestive problems after taking them. If you experience an upset stomach, heartburn, or nausea as a result of taking NSAIDs, avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Taking them with food will help reduce your digestive symptoms.

Heat Therapy

While applying an ice pack or cold compress to your painful heel may help decrease pain and swelling, it may actually hinder your circulation. An alternative treatment option for heel pain in Bolingbrook is the application of heat.

A heating pad placed on the lowest setting will help enhance circulation, ease pain, and make it easier to walk and wear your shoes. Heat therapy may also help prevent your heel pain from radiating to other parts of your lower extremity, such as your ankle or calf.

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