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Why Should You Consider Eyelid Surgery?

If you want to reduce some of the signs of aging, then undergoing eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, IL, is available. You can have upper or lower surgery on the skin around the eyes for a variety of reasons, including eliminating bags underneath the eyes or for repairing droopy eyelids. Many patients decide to have both procedures at one time so that they only need to undergo one recovery process. While this is primarily considered a cosmetic type of surgery, if your eyelids are drooping significantly, then you can have obstructed vision, but when a surgeon fixes the problem, you will notice that your vision improves.

See How Your Face Will Look after the Procedure

When you want to have eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, the surgeon will evaluate your overall health while completing a visual examination. The cosmetic surgeon will collect medical images to understand your particular facial anatomy. Many cosmetic surgeons use computer software to project how you will look with different types of surgeries on the lower or upper areas of the eyes so that you can make a decision about the procedure.

Contact Our Cosmetic Surgeon Today to Learn More

For eyelid surgery in Lincoln Park, you are anesthetized so that the cosmetic surgeon can make tiny incisions on the skin. The incisions are made in areas where the scars aren’t as noticeable after your skin heals. The stitches are removed within a few days, but the total recovery time is several weeks so that the bruising and swelling around your eyes will diminish. During the recovery, you must use eye drops and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. For additional information about surgery on your eyelids, contact Adam J. Cohen, MD, or you can visit our website at