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Consider the Speedy Solution for Better Vision

You wear contacts every morning. By the end of the day, your eyes are dry and scratchy. You have to take them out and switch to glasses before bedtime. You don’t like wearing your glasses at all, but sometimes your eyes need a break. You are ready for a break from any kind of corrective lenses. Consider visiting your Lasik center in Jacksonville to find out if laser eye surgery is the answer for you. You could forget about those prescription lenses for years to come. The first step begins with an evaluation.

You Could be a Good Candidate for Laser Eye Surgery
It is a type of surgery that modifies the shape of your cornea in order to adjust the way your eye focuses on what you see when your eyes open. Your Lasik Center in Jacksonville is your best resource to find out if refractive surgery is a good choice for you. Your eyes need to be healthy. You will not be a good candidate if you have glaucoma or any other degenerative eye condition. If you have diabetes, your eye surgeon may not recommend Lasik for you. You need to be at least 18. Your vision should be stable. Your cornea needs to be thick enough for the procedure as well.

What Can Lasik Surgery Address?
Lasik surgery is typically performed to assist people who have astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness. Your eye surgeon will begin with a series of tests to evaluate your eyes. If you pass all your assessments and are given the recommendation to have the procedure, you will be scheduled for laser surgery. It is outpatient. Within 15 minutes, both eyes can be treated. By the day following your procedure, your vision could be dramatically improved.