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Fixing Sagging Eyelids

Cosmetic facial surgery Jacksonville FL experts can repair your eyelids to improve your appearance. When the folds of your drooping eyelids are reducing your field of vision, it is essential to have a knowledgeable surgeon work to repair your eyelids. Your eyelids can begin to droop for several reasons, including the natural aging process, but there are also medical conditions that can cause one or both eyelids to become saggy. If you have a stroke, then it can affect one side of your face, causing the eyelid on that side of the face to have poor muscle tone.

Repairing Eyelid Injuries

Alternatively, you may suffer an injury to the eye while driving a vehicle or playing sports, and this can cause a dropping or sagging eyelid. When you are having your eyelids repaired, you will want to have a surgeon who understands the anatomy of the eyeball in addition to the eyelids. To have eyelids repaired, a surgeon should examine you to understand your anatomy. It is vital to have eyelids that look the same so that you have a normal appearance. A will require tiny incisions that are made along the lash line so that the scars are less noticeable.

Wearing Eye Protection

The cosmetic facial surgery Jacksonville FL expert can suction excess fatty tissue from the eyelid, and he can also repair damaged muscles so that the eyelid has a more youthful appearance. In many cases, you will have two separate surgeries on different days because the healing process will lead to swelling and bruising. After this type of surgery, you may need to wear a patch over your eye to prevent an infection, but over the next few weeks, you may also need to wear dark eyeglasses to protect your eyes from bright light.