Discover the Benefits of Customized Hair Transplant Options in NYC

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Hair Restoration

When it comes to your hair, it is an extremely personal part of who you are. You can change your color or style to suit your preferences. Having the flexibility to choose is part of how you identify yourself. Losing your hair takes away your ability to determine how you look. It means either getting a wig, wearing a scarf, or buying hats if you can’t bear to look at thinning or balding hair. While many people live with it, you want to hide. An FUE hair transplant in New York City could restore a positive self-image and make you feel like yourself again.

Many people try to deal with hair loss by using topical products from the store or taking prescription medication from their primary care physician. These solutions may help someone with minor hair loss in the initial stages. But, you may need a more involved procedure to fill in the gaps where your hair has completely thinned. An FUE Hair Transplant in New York City could be the answer for you. FUE is an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Extraction. Your hair restoration specialists may recommend this procedure if your hair loss is treatable with surgery, but not too extensive. If you are in the earliest stages of hair loss and still have plenty of healthy hair follicles in the “donor area” (sides and back of the scalp), your hair transplant surgeon can individually remove these follicles and transplant them to balding areas. Your surgeon will concentrate on areas where your hair is thick, taking individual follicles that will be transplanted to areas where loss is occurring. In time, you will have fuller hair once again.

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