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Suture Needle Traps and Mini-Mounts For Improved Surgery Nationwide

Foreign object entrapment, injury, and contamination regularly challenge surgical teams and patients. A large part of the problem is the handling and disposition of needles and other vital tools. The less surgeons and scrub techs have to deal with used material, the better the workflow. Proprietary large needle traps attached to the forearm can reduce the frequency of needle sticks, and needle loss.

Securement of suture needles represents a great leap in innovation within the field of medicine. The transparent needle trap housing makes it easy to keep count so that hardware isn’t lost in the process. Plus, time is of the essence during surgery; Operative Armour technology keeps each operative milestone on track – it has been proven that the quick disposal at a single point by forearm or wrist mitigates distractions.

The single-use trap model covering both ends of contaminated needles off the shelf suture needles and packs. All surgical teams have to do is lock and load, and the management system is ready to go. Teams can attach the needle manager to the wrist, a mini-mount shield, and a puncture-resistant barrier. Specifically, the mini-mount supports both large and smaller needles and connects to the drape. Large traps can be connected to the barrier comes attached to the suture pack mount. Simply peel the liner and place a pack onto the adhesive liner.

Sharp Fluidics has the optimal suture management system available on online and take a look at the NT-1 trap and MM1 mini-mount with the hook and loop fastener.