Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Senior Living Facilities in Palm Coast, FL

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Assisted Living

As with any move, deciding to place a loved one in a elderly care facility can be a tough decision. After all, you want to do the right thing by the person who’s done so much for you. Here are some strategies for ensuring a smooth transition as you choose the best place for your loved one to call home among the senior living facilities in Palm Coast, FL.

Include Your Loved One in the Decision-Making

While there may be some limits to this, if your family member has started to experience a cognitive decline, it’s important to involve your loved one in the decision-making process and honor their autonomy. If they’re out of the loop and feel like things are being done behind their back, it could cause them anxiety and stress and make the entire process more emotionally difficult for all of you.

These tips show how to involve your family member in choosing senior living facilities in Palm Coast, FL:

  • Have them join you on a tour of the facility
  • Help them come up with a list of their concerns and questions about a move
  • Involve them, as much as you’re able to, in conversations with the facility staff when going for an informational meeting

Encourage Their Help in the Moving Process

It’s important your loved one still feels like they have some control over their life. Encourage them to help with the move in simple ways appropriate to their cognitive and physical abilities. For example, have them select some family photos to pack up and then let them choose where those pictures will hang in their new suite. Small gestures like this can be meaningful and ease the transition from home to senior living facilities in Palm Coast, FL.

For more help and advice in choosing a senior living facility in Palm Coast, FL, and helping your loved one make the move, contact through their website or 888-274-0457.

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