Pharmacy Delivery Service

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Healthcare

Are you regularly in situations where youneed your medication but are unable to drive to a retail store to pickit up? You should consider a pharmacy delivery service.

Nowadays, convenience is important for everyone. In turn, many health insurance providers allow for easier access to regular maintenance prescriptions through a pharmacy delivery service.

Regular Maintenance Medications

In order to participate in a pharmacy delivery service, most people will need to take medication on a daily basis for a chronic condition. These medications can be to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or some other condition. These prescriptions are filled every month and are available for home delivery.

Some medications are not eligible for home delivery. Controlled substances and medications which are for less than a 21 day supply do not qualify.


A pharmacy delivery service can benefit consumers in several ways. First, the process is automated, so your refill request is automatically sent to your health care professional. It is then filled and delivered to your home.

Most prescriptions are eligible for a three month supply. Often, this option is less expensive than filling the prescription once every month. Most consumers will average a 25% savings on their prescription costs.

A pharmacy delivery service can save consumers a lot of time because they no longer have to drive to a retail pharmacy.

There are many independent pharmacies that offer home delivery along with larger retail pharmacies. In addition, many online pharmacies or pharmacies in other areas will deliver prescriptions directly to your home.

Most prescription plans for health insurance coverage have home delivery options for their prescriptions. You should contact your health insurance company to find out how you can sign up for pharmacy home delivery and to find out which pharmacies are in your health insurance network.

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