Expanding the Role of the Computer Cart

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Health and Fitness

Computer carts have become somewhat of a revolution in the medical industry. Doctors and nurses can quickly access information, dispense medications, and input patient data all without having to leave a patient’s side.

Many industries have been watching the computer cart revolution and are finding mobile computer systems to be the best way to meet their own needs. Warehouse mobile computer carts are making everything from picking and labeling to shipping and packaging easier within the warehouse environment.

Long battery life

Most mobile computer carts have been designed to last for a long shift, especially in the medical field. Warehouses are taking advantage of this technology for their own employee’s needs. With specially-designed long-life batteries and Hot-Swap battery systems, employees don’t need to worry about whether or not their warehouse mobile computer will last as they move around during their shift. Many of these carts come with battery indicators to let the user know when the battery needs to be swapped or quick-charged.

Long-lasting batteries enable users to spend more time on customer orders and less time wondering if their power source will last through their shift.

Easy mobility

Warehouses are often large areas, with many specialized sections that are focused on efficient delivery of operations. Mobile computer carts allow supervisors, labelers, and other staff to move quickly throughout the warehouse to check in on problems and provide fast solutions. Mobile computer workstations are durable and easily maneuverable, even in tight spaces and between shelving units.

Mobile computer systems also enable users to quickly look up and locate items in large warehouse spaces, minimizing the time they need to spend searching through aisles for customer orders.

Storage and customization

Mobile computer carts provide storage for essential supplies and can be customized for different add-ons and technology. Printers for shipping labels, dual screens for maximized efficiency, and lockable storage drawers are all critical tools for users who are moving around a warehouse environment.

Because warehouses are so large, having these supplies and technology on-hand saves valuable time, allowing users to focus on getting shipments out to their customers.

Make technology work for you

More warehouses are relying on cloud technology for inventory checks and fulfillment of orders. Having stationary computer stations means employees need to walk to the technology, rather than bringing it along with them. Mobile computer carts ease this burden and make checking the cloud and inventory systems more efficient for employees. Instead of working for technology, make it work for your employees.

Improve communication

Mobile computer carts allow employees in warehouses to keep in touch with all levels of the company. From customer service to supervisors, mobile workstations enable workers to get in touch quickly with each other to identify and solve problems and provide critical information to keep operations running smoothly.

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