What Are The Benefits Of Visiting A Lasik Surgeon In Honolulu?

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Surgery

In Hawaii, Lasik eye surgery is a procedure used to correct vision quickly. Eye care specialist can provide the surgical procedure to any patient that is eligible. Eligibility is established after an assessment of the patient’s vision and any existing medical conditions. A local Lasik Surgeon in Honolulu can explain benefits that are provided to patients they treat with the procedure.

Vast Improvement in Vision

The Lasik procedure could provide present a vast improvement in the patient’s vision. The surgery is provided for patients who are near or farsighted and want to stop wearing glasses or contacts. The patient will see improvements within the first week after the procedure.

Faster Procedure and Limited Recovery Time

The procedure is completed in around thirty minutes. The patient will have a recovery period of about one week. However, if any complications arise, the patient must return to the doctor for additional treatments. The patient will need to wear a shield over the treated eye until they recover fully.

Are Follow-up Procedures Needed?

Overcorrections are needed if the lens becomes damaged due to excessive removal of eye tissue. Patients may also require additional surgeries as they age since vision is likely to worsen due to the aging process. The eye specialist will continue to monitor the patient’s vision with regular eye examinations. The patient is required to return to the doctor’s office at least two days after the procedure for their follow-up appointment.

Are the Procedures Covered Under Insurance Policies?

Some vision and health insurance coverage view Lasik eye surgery as an elective procedure. For this reason, coverage for the procedure is either limited or isn’t available. However, any cases in which the procedure is deemed medically necessary could extend insurance coverage. Some coverage is available for military personnel under TriCare policies.

In Hawaii, Lasik eye surgery is the best option for correcting vision without corrective lenses. The surgery lasts about thirty minutes and won’t introduce any major complications for the patient. It doesn’t require an extensive recovery period and allows patients to return to work quickly. Patients who want to set up an appointment with a Lasik Surgeon in Honolulu are encouraged to contact Hawaii Vision Clinic right now.

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