Sports Medicine: 3 Common Questions Patients Ask

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Health Care

Playing sports often means playing rough and being taken down with a tackle to the back of your knees. If you get any injuries during an exercise or suffer any injuries while you’re playing sports or from any type of physical activity, your doctor may advise you to make an appointment with a physician whose practice focuses on sports medicine in Newark NJ.

Why do I need a sports medicine doctor?

These physicians have undergone specialized training that puts them in an excellent position to help you regain your mobility as soon as possible. Injuries sustained during exercise can turn out to be acute. Don’t dismiss them. If they aren’t treated on time, they could develop into chronic injuries later.

What are the signs of acute injuries?

Is there bruising or swelling? Is there a pronounced deformity? That could mean that one of your bones may be dislocated. If you can’t place any weight on the site of the injury without immediate pain or if you continue to suffer from sharp pain, then those are all good signs not to wait it out. Get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible.

I’m not an athlete. Should I still go?

Making an appointment for sports medicine in Newark NJ isn’t just for professional athletes, though they do tend to need it the most. However, if you love to work out and you occasionally overdo your exercises or sessions at the gym, then you may want need to see a sports medicine doctor as well, Shape suggests. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can receive proper treatment. That will prevent the condition from getting worse and in turn, keep your discomfort minimal.

Start looking for a pain specialist to ease your discomfort and achieve pain relief. Make an appointment today.

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