What to Expect at an Eye Exam in Andover, KS

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Health

Eye doctors use a variety of tests to examine their patients’ eyes and evaluate their vision. Some of these tests are as simple as reading eye charts, while others are extremely technologically advanced and complex. Those who have existing vision problems typically consider an Eye Exam in Andover KS to be a mild inconvenience at best, but those who have never undergone such a procedure may feel more comfortable if they have some idea of what to expect.

Visual Acuity Tests

A visual acuity test is designed to measure the sharpness of a patient’s vision. These tests are simple and completely non-invasive. They usually involve reading off of a chart projected onto the wall to measure distance vision and a smaller hand-held chart to measure how well patients can see close up.

Color Blindness Tests

These screening tests are typically performed early on in comprehensive eye exams, as they are used to rule out color blindness as a contributing factor to vision problems. They don’t detect hereditary color vision deficiencies, though. These tests can also measure changes in color vision that may indicate underlying eye health problems.

Ocular Motility Testing

Ocular motility or eye movement testing is used to determine how well a patient can follow moving objects with their eyes and shift their vision from one target to another. It is usually a simple matter of holding the head still and following the slow movement of a hand-held target. The reason this test is so essential is that ocular motility problems can cause eye strain.

Stereopsis Test

Stereopsis, or depth perception, tests usually require a patient to wear a pair of 3D glasses and view test patterns containing several small circles. Patients will then be asked which of the circles appears closer than the others. Those with normal depth perception should be able to correctly identify it with ease.

Learn More Today

These are just a few of the most basic tests performed at an Eye Exam in Andover KS. Other tests, such as slit lamp exams, glaucoma testing, and pupil dilation require specialized equipment provided by an optometrist, while yet others require the help of a specialist. Contact us today to schedule an exam.

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