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Weight Loss Diet Programs that Don’t Work

Weight loss is a commonly sought after goal for many people, especially here in America, where obesity rates are skyrocketing. One particular way people are actively seeking weight loss is through diets. After all, if you’re gaining weight, one of the primary causes must be what you’re eating. However, don’t believe everything you hear, not every diet is going to work for you. Some may have a minimal effect, while others may do absolutely nothing. If you are seeking weight loss programs in Ajax ON, here are the main diets you want to stay away from, as they will only waste your time.

#1. Overly specific diets
This includes such diets as the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, and the raw food diet. Diets that focus strictly on one specific type of food and nothing else should be avoided. A good diet is broad, covering a wide range of food groups, such as limiting the amount of sugar you take in. While a restrictive diet may show something akin to results at first, it won’t take long for that to change. Not only that, but since it’s so specific, it fails to address the issue that breaking from the diet is inevitable. Eventually you will crave your favorite foods again.

#2. “Miracle food” diets
These include such “miracle foods” as bitter orange diets, apple cider vinegar diets, and so on. Humans crave efficiency and simplicity. If we can avoid the long way, we will, no questions asked. So of course some folks are on a constant search for the one single food, supplement pill, or magic potion that will instantly take away their muffin tops. Weight loss is work, constant work in fact. Taking a supplementary multivitamin once a day is just fine but relying on some instant-fix cure for your obesity is unrealistic.

#3. “Detox diets”
This roster includes Master Cleanse, the hallelujah diet, and other acts of “cleansing the body of toxins. This is nonsense, as any health expert will tell you. While you may see some results, in the long run, you’re only going to make yourself sick.

If you want more advice for weight loss and help through this arduous process, contact the health and diet experts working at Sloan Natural Health Center. They will put you on a safe, effective diet.