Eyebrow Treatment In Sydney: The Essentials

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Eyebrow Specialists

If you like to help others look and feel better about themselves, it might be time to consider learning about microblading. This eyebrow treatment in Sydney is highly popular with women who have started losing their eyebrow hair. With time, the eyebrows appear less full, and the hair might grow in patches or stop growing at all. It’s embarrassing for many women to have this happen, but microblading can restore the look of the eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, and the PhiBrows methodology helps the tattooed makeup look natural and appear like real hair.

Crystal Vongphrachanh took the PhiBrows course when she hosted it with her Master. As soon as she honed her skills with PhiBrows, she advanced to the title of Royal Artist in just a year. While Crystal started her journey before PhiBrows was very popular in Australia, she chose to keep with it, perfecting her skills and ultimately becoming a Master. Now, she teaches this eyebrow treatment in Sydney to others who want to learn, expand their skillsets, and help others with thinning eyebrows. Training is available in a six-month course with one-on-one or online-only options. Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll get a PhiBrows premium kit and 12 assessment levels.

Eyebrow treatment in Sydney is helpful for any cosmetologist or technician who wants to expand their skillset. You’ll learn one of the hottest techniques around. The microblading method requires a special tool with multiple tiny needles. Each needle has pigment inside, and the device is ‘brushed’ over the eyebrows to create hair stroke style cuts in the skin. The skill is manual, so it takes a lot of practice. You will learn the theory behind the technique, but the ultimate goal is to spend time perfecting the skill so that you can perform it on clients at your salon. You can learn more about this treatment online, or sign up for a course, today.

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