Where to Find a Simple, Effective & Fast Cardiac PET Scan for Heart Imaging

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Healthcare

Heart disease impacts many individuals, and statistics show that 1 in 4 deaths are due to some type of heart disorder. It can be time consuming, expensive and inconvenient for patients that are sent to undergo a heart scan by their family doctors. Often, these PET imaging machines are only available at larger hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Now, doctors can make use of mobile imaging services including an effective turnkey cardiac PET scan that is mobile and able to come to a physician practice as needed.

Doctor’s Offices Can Benefit by Using Mobile Cardiac PET Services

Most doctors desiring to have a better way to provide their patients with a turnkey cardiac PET scan are often amazed at how simple connecting with a mobile cardiac PET service truly is. Each physician’s practice, healthcare facility or nursing home can select the right service plan to suit their unique facility’s needs for this imaging. A healthcare provider can opt to use this service every weekday or just one day a month depending on the clinic’s needs.

Use of a Mobile PET Service for Cardiac Imaging Saves Money

The maintenance and upkeep requirements of a stand-alone permanent cardiac PET machine can be extensive. This type of equipment is expensive to maintain and requires skilled technicians to operate and keep in good working order. The use of a mobile turnkey cardiac PET scanning service leaves all of that upkeep effort to the service leaving the healthcare staff free to perform their usual duties.

Mobile Based Cardiac PET Scans Are Now Convenient for Patients

The welcome convenience of utilizing a PET imaging machine that can show healthy and damaged heart tissue is greatly appreciated. This service is fast, easy-to-do, convenient and offers lower radiation exposure.

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