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The Facts about Stem Cells in Topeka, KS

One of the recent developments in manual medicine is the use of adult mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs, as a solution to many musculoskeletal issues. The cells used in this process are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to become a number of other cells and they are classified as either “adult” or “embryonic.” As the name would imply, the former is harvested from adults while the latter is taken from human fetuses, but only the former is reliable for actual treatment solutions.


There are currently more than 70 proven therapies offered through the use of adult stem cells in Topeka, KS. Adult cells are more easily controlled and altered to your needs, meaning that you could use them to create bone cells, cartilage cells, and even fat cells. By obtaining help from the right therapy professionals, getting the results you need without invasive procedures and painful recoveries could be possible.

Simple and Easy

From start to finish, you can expect to receive fast and reliable treatment and you can visit to learn more about this type of procedure and how to get started. The therapies offered with this type of treatment could help you heal after a knee injury, reduce severe pain, and help you recover more quickly after an incident. Therefore, you can find the relief you deserve from the start.


The harvesting of these stem cells and injection therapy is done right inside the doctor’s office. MSCs are harvested from your fat tissue or from your bone marrow, depending on your unique specifications. A small incision is made after you are given local anesthesia, with no more than 60cc taken, and then the MSCs are treated and prepared for injection. After you experience this, you should feel minimal discomfort from start to finish and the entire procedure is fast and simple, which you can rely on to begin working after about 24 hours. Click here for stem cells treatment in Topeka, KS.