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What to Expect at a Pet Care Clinic

Pet owners and veterinarians just about always have a shared goal: they want what’s best for the animals. That’s why a lot of clinics provide diverse services to ensure that all of their needs are met. When choosing a new Pet Care Clinic, ask to find out what kind of services are available beyond just basic check-ups. Going to the doctor is stressful for animals, just like it is for kids. Having a clinic, they can attend to be treated by the same doctors, and other professionals can certainly help remove some of the stress of the unknown. Read on to find out what services should be offered.

Wellness Visits

There should be a veterinarian available to perform comprehensive wellness visits at any Pet Care Clinic. Keep in mind that some clinics are specific only to cats, dogs, or other individual species. Owners of exotic pets such as iguanas, birds, and some kinds of pocket pets often have difficulty finding a clinic that has the needed experience treating their animals. Be sure to inquire about specialization and experience.

Dental Exams

Just like people, animals require regular dental care. Pet owners can help their pooches and other furry friends by providing them with regular at-home care, but a veterinarian or other professional should be evaluating their teeth regularly as well.

Surgery and Testing

As noted above, many animals experience anxiety upon heading to the vet. This anxiety can end up going through the roof when it is added to the existing stress of a serious health condition. Be sure that the vet chosen has the capacity to perform tests, and minor surgeries, in the office. Most animals fare much better being treated for broken bones and serious illnesses when they are in familiar hands. Often their owners feel better about it, too.

Boarding Facilities

What sets care clinics apart from ordinary veterinarians is that they often offer non-medical services as well. The best place to board an animal when leaving for a few days on vacation or a business trip is a facility where the pet will get the care it needs from trained professionals. Visit  to learn more about these and other services provided by one local clinic today.

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