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Features and Benefits of Urgent Care Software

With the growing intensity and complexity of practice in the urgent care setting, it is important now more than ever to have reliable software. This way, the whole medical team can be on the same page in regards to patient care, workflow, risks and billing.

Optimized Workflow

With an All-in-One Practice Management, EMR and RCM software system, your facility will be able to experience rapid door-to-door discharge, quick data access, and automated coding. Urgent Care EMR software allows for you to access data from all of your enterprises/facilities. You can expect real-time alerts, a patient-tracking dashboard, reduced first-pass denials, and a dedicated team for support. That way, clinical performance can be optimized, allowing for a more efficient staff and workflow.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

By having a more integrated and optimized workflow, team members would be better able to put more energy towards the tasks that center around the care of the patients. Urgent Care EMR software takes care of the administrative tasks related to check-in and data entry. This way, more focus can be given to the patients, leading to an increase in their satisfaction of the practice.

Increased Profitability

The All-in-One Practice Management, EMR and RCM software system provides quick and accurate billing and coding services so that you can maximize your contracted revenues. Specific services offered include aging A/R collection, ongoing education and support, reduced first-pass denials and more of your contracted money collected at a faster rate. Let the software take care of your money so you can take care of your patients.