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For An Effective Weight Loss Program, Consult A Dietician

Today, far too many people are having difficulty controlling their weight. The American lifestyle and diet can make it difficult to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and get enough exercise. Dieting can be a constant battle, with trying this diet for a while and then that diet. Many diets do work for a while, such as the programs constantly advertised on TV that send prepared meals and snacks for a very high price. If someone eats nothing but that food, they will lose weight because of the limited calories. However, would you want to pay the price and eat only that food for the rest of your life?

Give Yourself Time

The weight didn’t appear overnight and will take as long or longer to disappear. That is sad but true. Start with changes that can become new, healthy habits, such as drinking water instead of sugary drinks. When one new habit is established, make another change.

Write Down Long- and Short-Term Weight Loss Goals

Some people make a list of their reasons and post it on the fridge to help them stay motivated. Everyone has found that motivation is strong at the beginning and can fade over time. Health can be the primary motivator, but the results may not be evident for a while. Short-term motivators are important, such as fitting comfortably into those jeans that are now a little too tight to wear. Whatever the reasons, write down as many goals as possible and refer to them often. When one is achieved, celebrate success.

“Process” and “Outcome” Goals
Understanding the difference between process and outcome goals can improve the chances of achieving permanent weight loss.

  • Outcome Goals:
  • The outcome goal is the overall “what” goal, such as losing 25 pounds.
    Process Goals:
  • A process goal is the “how” that 25 pounds will be lost. Goals should be very specific. Saying that “I will eat less” is too
  • vague to be useful. Instead, say that “I will cut my meat portion from eight ounces to three ounces.”
    Consult a Healthcare Professional
    Everyone is unique. A professional Dietician can tailor your weight loss program to any health risks that you might have. Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services offers health services for the entire family, including a medically-supervised weight loss program. A Dietician will provide nutritional counseling, meal planning, a customized exercise program, metabolic testing, and many other services. Get started today with a complimentary consultation. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.