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Get Rid of That Pesky Hair

No matter how many times you wax, pluck, shave or bleach, your unwanted hair comes back. Men and woman have both turned to having laser hair removal done to get rid of that unwanted hair. Ladies can find it embarrassing to find they can have some facial hair and just want it to go away. Men also have laser hair removal done on their chest, forearms, backs and even their faces. There are men and women alike that have laser hair removal done. This can be in places such as forearms, under the arms, legs or any other body part that they do not want to have hair on.

Set Up an Appointment on Your Lunch Break

Laser hair removal in Chicago can be done in as little as ten minutes. Of course this also depends on how big of an area that you want treatment on. Most treatments are done relatively quickly and you can get back to your daily activities without having to wait for hours to recover. With laser hair removal, there is no recovery time. Most patients easily return to work with no problems. The doctor that does the treatment will just ask that you avoid direct sun exposure to the area for about six weeks, because exposure to the sun can cause the treatment to not be as effective.

Does Getting Laser Hair Removal hurt and how is it done?

These are two very common questions that are asked. Laser hair removal involves a beam of light that is directed at a group of hair follicles. The beam of light will not harm skin tissue, but will destroy the roots of the hair. Having this procedure done is very gentle, and many people that have had laser hair removal done have often said they felt a slight tingling, but that it did not hurt. They have also said they had no issues with returning to their normal daily activities right after having it done.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

One of the greatest benefits of this procedure is that you do not have to worry about shaving constantly. Whether you shave, wax or use smelly creams, it is not long before you have to do it once again. Shaving can cause ingrown hair follicles that can be painful to remove and still leave stubble. Waxing is also painful and that leaves you with a smelly substance that can burn your sensitive skin. For these reasons you should check into Laser hair removal.

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