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Going on Vacation? Leave Your Dog or Cat with Your Veterinarian in Leawood, KS

To ensure your dog or cat receives the proper care while you are away on vacation, board him with your veterinarian in Leawood, KS. If your vet has the facilities for boarding pets, then make use of the service. After all, who is a better pet care provider? Most boarding facilities, such as the one featured on, offer a temperature-controlled environment that is managed by a veterinarian’s staff.

Taking Care of Canine Guests

All the dog guests in a boarding facility overseen by a veterinarian typically have their own living compartment. Sometimes two dogs from the same household may share the space. A specially prepared diet is given to the canine guests, unless the owner brings the food they want them to eat.

The water in this set-up is refreshed twice a day, at which time the compartment is usually cleaned. All the dog guests are walked outside, if the weather permits, three times each day. Dog runs are also used for “bathroom” breaks while the guest kennels are being cleaned.

Taking Care of Feline Guests

Cat guests, as well, receive their own compartment, complete with a feeding area and litter box. The space also accommodates a small bed if the pet owner wishes to leave one. All the compartments can be opened up to give your pet more space.

Your Pet Should Be Current on Its Vaccinations

When you leave your dog or cat with a veterinarian who offers boarding, your pet should be current on all vaccinations, especially rabies. They should have received these vaccinations within the last six months. If your pet is not current in this respect, the vet can administer the vaccinations when your pet arrives.

In order to better plan your vacation, you need to check about boarding first. If you leave your pet with a vet-managed facility, you can feel more confident about your pet’s overall care. If the place where you are traveling is not all that pet-friendly, then it is best to find a boarding facility that can provide your dog or cat with specialized care.